Riverstar Supply is closing and is running its final clearance and closing sale  

Empowering and supporting Small Shops and DIY Silicone Bead Crafters!

I never really thought of myself as a creative or crafty person. Once I became a Mama, however, I found myself driven to design and craft beautiful items for my littles (perhaps like many of you!). Once my littles began teething, it was only natural that my creativity took focus as I began to design functional baby-wearing and teething accessories. Empowered by the successful creation of teethers for my own littles, I embarked upon small-business life and ran a teething accessories business for six years. Throughout the six years, I discovered several key things:

  1. there was an incredibly large difference in bead quality out there. I spent years weeding out the less than ideal wood and silicone products until I had a list of reliable, high-quality suppliers to provide only the best materials for my beading craft,
  2. there was an increasing demand for customized and personalized items. So many of our wonderful customers had their own beautiful visions for their accessory designs, and were often interested in the crafting process.

I realized by offering my carefully curated accessory designs as crafting kits and wholesale crafting supplies, I could help support other small shops create with HIGH-QUALITY materials, and help empower others to embrace their inner crafter. I knew that customization and personalization must remain a priority for the craft kits, so every kit can be tailored to a customer's preferences. Fun bonus: silicone beaded accessories offered as a craft kit means more affordability and thus more accessibility for all Mamas. Larger orders of bulk beads are also available to help empower other small designers.

Riverstar Sales is a Mama run operation based in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. 
We respectfully recognize that we work and live on unceded Syilx Nation lands. We also have a deep love and appreciation for the beautiful world around us.

Thank you for visiting our small shop.

Happy Crafting!